The Modern Human Race is comprised of members who believe in following the International Code of Acceptable Human Behavior.


Emerging families of mankind in prehistoric times were geographically separated from one another by great distances. In isolation, they were free to develop their own languages, worship their own Gods and fashion their own unique cultural fabrics complete with definitive codes of acceptable human behavior.

As populations increased, distances between people evaporated.

In modern times we find ourselves jammed together in a conglomeration of dissimilar societies and ethnicities in a world-wide mingling of those with different religions, philosophies and cultural traditions than our own.

As a result there’s been conflict.

What’s considered wicked in one country is celebrated in another. What’s permitted in one state is a crime in another. Revered practices in one religion are sins in another.

Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Shintoists, agnostics, atheists and humanists are now packed together in the same apartment buildings, neighborhoods and workplaces; each person striving to honor and preserve their own specific cultural heritage, follow their own personal religious beliefs and live their own preferred lifestyles.

In the not-too-distant past, when there was conflict between individuals, religions, ethnicities or nations, these conflicts were often settled by the use of physical violence. Those with the most power to annihilate others traditionally dictated what was right, wrong, good or bad in the area of their influence.

The same is pretty much true today on the international level even though development and application of the rule of law in most western societies is providing citizens with pathways to a peaceful resolution of their conflicts.

There is however no International Code of Acceptable Human Behavior that seven billion people (7,000,000,000) on Earth have agreed to follow in over 200 sovereignties. As a result there’s been devastating wars between nations and religious groups who’ve attempted to enforce their way of life upon others with the use of the sword.

Aristotle (teacher of Alexander the Great 384-322 BC) proposed that rational thought, instead of the sword, was capable of producing an indisputable and universally acceptable answer to the question of how man could best live together while on Earth.

All one had to do was to conclude whether or not the living model was to benefit the group as a whole or benefit just one aspect of the group, or any given family or individual.

If one concluded that the beneficiary of any proposed living model would be the group as a whole, then purely selfish behavior would be deemed irrational. If the model benefited only one family, one religion or one aspect of the whole, then altruistic behavior of the benefactors would be irrational.

The International Code

An international code of acceptable human behavior has been formulated in such a way that all non-destructive elements of each religion may be retained, protected and followed so long as these tenants do not conflict in any way with the spirit and intent of the code.

This International Code of Acceptable Human Behavior includes snippets from the Hammurabi Code, parts of The Ten Commandments, The Magna Charta, portions the American Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights and the Boy Scout and Girl Scout oaths.

It’s an agreement and pledge every human being on Earth should want to make if they want to take the first mandatory step forward on the one and only path to peace.

For those who hate war, it’s time to stand up, identify yourself and be counted as a member of the Modern Human Race.

Worldwide adherence to this International Code of Acceptable Human Behavior may seem unachievable, but it would be irrational to believe we could not make it happen.

Membership in the Modern Human Race

The purpose of this website is to further the mission of the Modern Human Race. It is an open invitation to every Muslim, Christian and Jew alike to shed their allegiance to any part of their religion which fails to meet the minimum standards of the International Code of Acceptable Human Behavior.

There are no initiation fees required to join the Modern Human Race. There are no membership dues. This is not a club. There are no leaders. There are no meetings. There is no Board of Directors. There are no sponsors. The Modern Human Race is a movement.

You become part of this movement toward peace simply by pledging to follow The Code.

Your membership identification card is any marking, clothing or jewelry you care to create or buy that contains the movement’s symbolic icon consisting of the semaphore letters MHR flashed simultaneously within a circle symbolizing unity. By displaying this symbol you’ll be announcing to the world you have modified your personal, religious and political beliefs in a manner conforming with The International Code of Acceptable Human Behavior and are therefore a member in good standing of the Modern Human Race (MHR).

If you hate war… it’s time to stand up for peace! Read the book “The One and Only Path to Peace”. See copies of the original historic documents responsible for creating the fires of war still raging in the Middle East. Make up your own mind once and for all as to who is right and who is wrong. When you’re ready, join us in the progressive movement as a member of the Modern Human Race.