“The One and Only Path To Peace”

This book is dedicated to fellow members of the modern human race (MHR) who believe in following the international code of acceptable human behavior.

The cold reality of the moment is that the United States cannot realistically expect peace in The Middle East or within its own borders until there is a Justice for the Palestinian people who have been almost totally annihilated by Zionism.

Read this book. Get all the facts. Decide for yourself if Aristotelian logic identifies Israel as a big mistake.

If you agree it was wrong for the United States and Great Britain to help Zionists overrun the Palestinian Territories in creating a national home for the Jews on land where they were not wanted, join with me in inviting Israel to voluntarily tear down its barbed wire and concrete walls and give back the land to the 4,500,000 Palestinian refugees it selfishly created.

Ask Israel to join the Modern Human Race by creating a new Nation of Abraham; a nation where Jews, Christians and Muslims can live together in peace as was first envisioned by those who facilitated a haven for persecuted Jews.

It’s becoming more and more self-evident that anti-Zionist and anti-American forces may soon be able to muster a sufficient capability and following to inflict their own brand of Justice on Israel and the United States for helping erase the name Palestine from world maps.

Luckily the time has passed for the two state solution which would have memorialized differences and perpetuated confrontations. The one state solution is now the only answer. Acceptance and adherence to the International Code of Acceptable Human Behavior is the one and only path to peace but time is running out. With the advent of suitcase-sized atomic bombs and the growing hatred of the United States by 25% of the Muslim World there is certain urgency in promoting acceptance of the Code and in encouraging strict adherence to the Aristotelian theory of how we should be living together while on this earth.

Believe it and it will not be a fairytale.

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“Peace Not Apartheid” by President Jimmy Carter