It’s sometimes hard to make room in your busy schedule for fitness, let alone an activity like yoga that requires peace and quiet! However, these five quick and easy moves barely take any time at all. Do them right when you wake up to center and prepare yourself for the day, or do them right before bed to reflect on a long day.

1. Cow Stretch: This pose is perfect for stretching out your lumbar muscles. Click here to learn how to do it.


2. Cat Stretch: This pose is similar to Cow Stretch, but this time you get to embrace your inner fierce feline. Here’s how to do Cat Stretch.


Cat and Cow are often combined into a simple, stress-relieving sequence. Watch how it’s done below!

3. Warrior Pose: Don’t forget to breath deeply when performing this pose. You’ll feel it in your entire body. Here’s how to do Warrior Pose.

Warrior yoga pose skinnymom brooke griffin

4. Downward Facing Dog: For a little mommy-and-me fitness, you can even get your kids to do this one with you! Here’s how to do it.

5. Child’s Pose: You can definitely get your kids in on this one! Child’s pose is the perfect finishing pose; you can center and prepare yourself for everything coming your way. Here’s how to do it.

brooke griffin in childs pose

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